As many of today designers, we started making icons, wallpapers and things used to create to deskmod your PC/MAC setup. We quickly escalated to design websites, app icons, branding and lately UI/UX Design. Now we've collected all our work and proudly present it to you as free downloads, as they always will be. Feel free to use them and share with us how have you used them. If you like our style and desire something similar, don't hesitate on contacting us.

CocaCola Icons

We love coffee, as we also we love cars, music, gadgets. We also love Coca-Cola! It contains sugar and cafeine! Maybe the only things we need to survive. Oxygen? Who needs that? By the way, if you like Pepsi more than Coke you may send emails to Alejandro and we’re sure he will make some cans for you.

Content: 6 Icons Available for Download

CDs 2018
What can we say? This is an amazing CDs icon pack carefully designed by Alejandro, you know? We get inspired by almost everything to create stuff for you, cars, cities, cups of coffee, the future, and sometimes we see a CD dropped in the floor and then we said: lets make a CD icon pack, that’s the story behind so many of our icons.

Content: 6 Icons Available for Download

The Coffee Shop

Who doesn’t love a steaming cup of coffee in the morning? you can serve it with a sweet croissant while you read the latest news in the newspaper, all that style and feeling of the traditional coffee shop you can get it right now with this icons, created in collaboration with our dear friend and also a great designer Sergio Ruiz.

Content: 6 Icons Available for Download


This is another thing that we did in our free time. Over here, we all know that Jaziel had some kind of insane obsession with watches. One night that obsession paid off! This is the most detailed icon that he has ever made (only surpassed by the Bugatti wallpaper). We hope you appreciate the outcome of his weird passion.

Content: 1 Icon Available for Download

Titto the Dodo

Have you heard about the Dodo, that flightless extinct bird? Well, it isn't extinct at all, we found the last one! We proudly present Titto! He is pretty smart (or at least he thinks he is), he is so blue and definetly is not extinct, so... if you love the not extinct blue birds, you surely love Titto.

Content: 3 Icons Available for Download

Dragon Ball Z

“CHA-LA HEAD-CHA-LA! No matter what happens, I feel like it’s no big deal!…” And we all know the rest of the song, Dragon Ball doesn’t needs presentation. This anime cartoon that made our childhood something special. Somehow we’re  still childs, how can we be designers if we don’t? Anyway, if you loved Dragon Ball then you’ll love this icons.

Content: 4 Icons Available for Download


Sometime between 2348 and 2350 a research spaceship orbits the biggest star known, the spaceship is called Cephei 878, inside, a selected group of scientist are trying to unveil the secrets of the universe, the most advanced and incredible technologies are available for them to meet his objectives, one of those technologies is the AVFOLD from Avant Technologies, an incredible file scanner and storage. so…now you know how the folder of future will be, what are you waiting for to getting this new amazing folders right now? If you love the future you surely love this icon pack.

Content: 14 Icons Available for Download

LCD Boxes

In a distant future, not only phones will be smart,  but also other everyday objects like boxe. These boxes are particularly equipped with a handy screen that tells you the contents of the box, with a simple, practical and clean design that will look great anywhere on your desktop. They could replace your folders or drive icons. We hope you love it!

Content: 6 Icons Available for Download


Our world is interconnected. 183 years ago, telegraph changed the way people communicated, past century radio and television did the same thing. In 1969 ARPANET project began a new era, that first computer network changes everything forever. Now we can chat with anyone, anywhere, anytime and exchange all kind of data in matter of a few seconds or less. We celebrate our communication era hoping internet keep as free and democratic as is today.

Content: 4 Icons Available for Download